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Mother teaching daughter to drive

Basic Road Safety Tips to Teach Your Teen

Looking at the shocking statistics of the car crashes caused by teen drivers, it is more than a necessity to teach them road safety. If you are a parent, your teens will most likely take after you when it comes

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How to Ensure Auto Paint Booth Efficiency

Buying and maintaining an auto paint booth can be a cost-effective strategy for many small businesses. However, owning an auto repair shop that offers this kind of service can be daunting. Paint is not that easy to handle. It is

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Worker counting the shipments
Handy Skills

Cutting Shipment Time: How to Avoid Delivery Delays

Logistical problems are a nightmare to business, especially delays in transport. Delays may affect the shelf life of products and reduce your customers’ trust. Delivery time relates to customer satisfaction and retention ‒ customers who experience a delay for the first time

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